Danatech – Diabetes Advanced Network Access powered by AADE Technologies

How-To Videos

New to Danatech? Use the listing of How-To Videos below to help you get started.


Provides an overview of how-to login and begin navigating in Danatech. We give you details on where to find DANAtech at www.danatech.org and how to login using your email and password. Don’t remember your password? No worries. Click the Forgot Password link and receive an email with reset instructions. Explore the landing page and get a quick peek at what is currently featured.


Questions about products? This video walks you through the layout of our products categories and highlights how easy it is to search. Danatech has done all the work of bringing a common look and feel to each product category, so reading and understanding are a breeze!


Who doesn’t want free CE? Watch this video to find out how to explore our course catalog, get information on course descriptions, CE status and more.


Provides an overview of the rich catalog of resources available in Danatech. Watch and find out more about the different categories in this section and the valuable resources available to you as a Danatech user.


Don’t have much time? This video explores how to conduct a full site search and get to what you are looking for quickly. Use any search term and the returned results will deliver a match from every category in Danatech! No need to be overwhelmed, we also show you how to filter and sort to refine your results.


Let’s Chat! This video provides information on how to access and use the Danatech discussion board. Read through discussion threads to see what other Educators are saying on a topic, reply and even upload files to a discussion thread.

Advanced Discussion

More tips and tricks for using the Danatech Discussion Board. Watch this video to learn how to ask questions and get answers from Educators all over the country! You will learn about the Tech Blogs that give great new information on a monthly basis. Get more information on how to view discussion threads, reply to a thread and use advanced formatting options.