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LaurieAnn Scher, MS, RD, CDE, and co-chair of AADE's Technology Community of Interest shares important considerations for healthcare providers and diabetes care and education specialists who are looking to incorporate diabetes apps as tech tools in the toolbox of diabetes management. Learn more about who may benefit from using these health apps, safety considerations and where to find the best diabetes app reviews.


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GvokeTM Pre-Filled Syringe PFS
GvokeTM is the first and only liquid glucagon. It is premixed, prefilled and premeasured for pediatric and adult patients with diabetes...
The feature-rich no coding EmbraceTALK meter delivers fast, accurate results using a very small blood sample, and with the talking feature you have...
Glucocard Shine
The highly accurate GLUCOCARD® Shine family of blood glucose monitoring systems offer users both a full-size meter with a large LED screen and a co...

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Continuous Glucose Monitoring: Real World Case Studies in Pattern Management

Advanced case study-based course in pattern management with CGMs

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Online Course

CGM Data in Clinical Practice

A look at how to use various CGM report components to facilitate treatment changes using patient-centered care and shared decision making

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Web Replay

AADE19 Sessions on Demand: Technology: Devices, Data, and Patient-Generated Health Data

A package of sessions from the Technology: Devices, Data, and Patient-Generated Health Data track at AADE19

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